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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What if a painting I am looking for is not on your website?

A.  Our artists can paint hundreds of paintings that are not listed here.  If you do not find a specific painting, please contact us at  Include the name of the painting and the artist. Please note that we respect the artist copyright laws; therefore, we will only reproduce works of art where the artist has been deceased at least 70 years. 

Q.  Do you also supply frames?

A.  Yes, we will also frame your painting. We will be adding frames to our online inventory soon. We will be happy to send you a selection of frames via email.

Q.  How are personal portraits created?
A.  Portraits can be created from your high-quality photos. Remember, this is your own personal heritage we are creating for you and we want you to be 100% satisfied.  Each portrait commissioned is given the utmost attention by our professional artists.  The techniques used are much the same as those used by the original master artists of long ago.  They are original paintings, in oil, on canvas.  They are not electronic or digital reproductions with simple overlays of paint.  Each brush stroke is painted, from empty canvas to final portrait, by our artists' hands to create your personal, precious masterpiece.

Q. How long before I receive my painting? 
A.  All orders are processed once payment has been sanctioned. We are usually able to ship within 10 - 21 days of receipt of order, depending on whether your order is in stock. We pride ourselves on the high quality customer service we provide and promise to keep you advised of your anticipated shipping date.

Q.  How long before I receive my portrait?
A.  All orders are processed once payment has been sanctioned and your photograph has been received. A digital photo will assist with the process. We are usually able to ship within 8-10 weeks after receipt of order. We pride ourselves on the high quality customer service we provide and promise to keep you advised of your anticipated shipping date.

Q.  How is my order sent?

A.  Wherever possible we use USPS or UPS. Paintings are usually in transit for 2/3 days. Both USPS and UPS have the benefit of an on-line tracking system via their website. This means that once your shipment has been collected we can contact you with the airway bill information so that you are able to track delivery of your painting.

Q.  How do I pay? 

A.  We accept checks, money orders, and most major credit cards. Credit card payments are processed online via secure server
 PayPal. It takes just two minutes to sign up. Paypal is used by over 20 million people worldwide.
Your d
etails are not recorded by our website. Our payment processor normally processes transactions in real time and your credit card information is not revealed to any other parties. 

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Q.  Can you paint my portrait?
A.  We specialize in many types of portraits such as family, weddings, children, pets or still-lifes such as landscapes, flowers, etc.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular portrait

Q.  How can I contact you?
A.  You may contact us anytime at If you would like to speak to us live, please include your telephone info in the email and we will call you promptly.

Q.  How do I protect my new painting?
A.  Your new painting is just starting to cure. It will take several years for the oil to dry completely.  To protect your new painting, here are some guidelines:

  1. Please ensure that your oil is not exposed to cleaning solutions or any liquids.
  2. Prevent exposure to sunlight and other UV rays.  Over time, this exposure will cause the painting to dry prematurely, crack, and will affect the pigmentation (color) of the painting. More facts about fading and ultraviolet light.

Q.  How do I take care of my new painting?
A.  With a sheepskin-type or other natural duster, dust lightly and frequently enough to keep the painting free from lint and dust. Plastic and feather dusters tend to get caught in the crevices of the frame and may damage the painting. The corners of the frame can be cleaned lightly with a small, soft paintbrush.

Q.  I ordered a painting with a frame and the backing has openings.  What are these openings for?
A.  The openings are to allow the canvas to breathe. Please do not cover these.

Q:  I ordered a painting without a frame.  What are my choices for framing an original oil painting?
A.  The natural beauty of the oil painting can be enjoyed in several ways:

1. Open-Back or Pre-Made Frames:  Stretch the canvas on stretcher bars and place in an open-back frame.  Many frame shops carry an assortment of pre-made frames or can create a custom frame

2. Gallery Wrap:  Stretch the canvas on stretcher bars where the white edges of the painting are completely hidden underneath the bars.  The painting can be displayed in this manner without a frame.

3. Dry Mount:  The canvas is mounted on board instead of stretching. The painting can be displayed in this manner with or without the frame. Although this method prevents stretching the canvas, the process may be difficult to reverse.

CAUTION:  Never place an oil painting behind glass. Placing the oil behind glass:

    1. Can cause the painting to bond to the glass.
    2. Does not allow the painting to breathe and properly cure.
    3. Obscures and changes the natural beauty of the oil.

For the best experience and care in framing your new painting, we recommend a visit to a professional framer/frame shop. They can discuss with you their recommendations and appropriate methods.  We can also frame your new painting and are available to answer your questions regarding framing. Please contact us at